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Our commitment

Our mission

To satisfy the needs of equine nutrition, providing riders and horse professionals with high-quality products and services, being competitive and at the forefront of technological innovation.

We offer you:

  • Premixes tailored to your needs.
  • Complete mineral and vitamin correctors
  • Functional supplements
  • Complete feeds
Our values
  • Quality products and services
  • A relationship of trust
  • Constant innovation
  • Respect for the environment and public health.

The EQUTEA team understands the particularities of each dairy and adapts to the needs of the owners.

In addition to a range of high quality products, we offer nutritional and technical advice, as well as a "JUST IN TIME" formulation service involving on-demand manufacturing.

EQUTEA, a custom designed Vitamin Mineral Corrector for equines

Our premixes and concentrates are designed to provide balanced supplementation to meet the needs of all horses at each stage of their development.

Customised horse supplements

The formulation department is at your disposal for a PERSONALISED EVALUATION:

Depending on the horse's basic feed, age, activity, objective, and availability of raw materials, our team will optimize the price of feed and rations competitively.

Customised horse supplements

We have created a TECHNICAL SUPPORT to accompany you from the formulation phase to after-sales service. In this way, we guarantee quality and food safety.

We visit our customers to get to know and assess their needs.

Visits are also made to our suppliers to guarantee total transparency of the process.

EQUTEA has its own laboratory in the TEA facilities in Navarra.
EQUTEA has its own laboratory in the TEA facilities in Navarra.EQUTEA has its own laboratory in the TEA facilities in Navarra.

The laboratory team is qualified and specialized in the field of analysis, controlling and evaluating the results of raw materials for each customer request.

To make nutrition more efficient and precise, we work with BRUKER and its NIRS*.

This cooperation with Bruker enables innovation, productivity and success in our formulation research.

EQUTEA has its own laboratory in the TEA facilities in Navarra.

We have the same concern as you: the precision and uniformity of the mixtures

*NIRS: (near-infrared spectroscopy, technique for measuring and analyzing reflection spectra in the wavelength range of 0.78 to 2.5 µm = near-infrared)


The HACCP approach imposes a logical and methodological path that provides for the analysis and management of risks at each stage of production with a view to their control.

This standard allows errors to be avoided (anticipation and prevention) or corrected, in the interest of guaranteeing the safety of food products.

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